In service since 2009, Building Blocks Academy is owned and operated by Mary Jean Blades.

A teacher for 28 years, Mary Jean has spent her entire career working with children of all ages - particularly at pre-K and Kindergarten levels. In her last few years in the Public School System, Mary Jean was the Pre-K and Child Find Coordinator for the local school district. In her time as the pre-K teacher and Child Find Coordinator, she dealt with a number of pre-school/daycare and babysitting services throughout the state, and noted that there was one approach that wasn't getting enough attention. It was in that moment that Building Blocks Academy was born.

Designed to emphasize a small-home environment on a large-scale, Building Blocks Academy offers a unique cross between small-time home and large professional pre-schools and daycares. The Building Blocks curriculum emphasizes all of the teaching experience accumulated by Mary Jean and her staff - offering some of the same exercises and developmental activities that are used by pre-schools in Delaware school districts.

Building Blocks Academy programs are overseen by the trained, certified and caring staff that your child deserves. All are coordinated within our safe and comfortable Felton premises. Using the curriculum and framework established by the Delaware Early Learning Foundations for School Success, Building Blocks Academy has age and developmentally appropriate programs that meet or exceed all of the state's pre-school/daycare standards.

Our mission is to lay the foundation for a life-long love of learning and to provide a place for children to flourish. Find out today why Building Blocks Academy is the Delaware pre-school/daycare center for your kids.

Our Staff:

Here at Building Blocks Academy we provide a well-nourished, safe and fun environment for our children.  All of our staff is educated in the field of early childhood and provides well planned lessons throughout the week that meets the educational goals of each child in each age group.  We focus on reaching educational milestones that are going to help the child to become prepared and school ready for the years to come.

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Mrs. Mary Jean Blades - Owner