Our Pre-K program combines group activities, problem solving skills and developmental lessons in what's meant to be the last stage before your child enters the school system and becomes a Kindergarten student.

Building Blocks Academy staff members encourage strong self-esteem, exploration and self-awareness while prepping students for the next level.

It's at the pre-K level that the Building Blocks Academy Staff really gets into "Handwriting Without Tears" program, which is designed to be an interactive approach to handwriting using songs, play-doh, crayons and more to help students develop strong handwriting skills.

From "Big Lines" and "Little Lines" to "Big Curves" and "Little Curves," "Handwriting Without Tears" makes learning handwriting fun for students - and it's a program that's regularly used by public and private schools across the country to develop handwriting and motor skills.

Part time programming is also available in Pre-K from 9am -12noon.