Babies (6 weeks- 12 months) $215/Week
Young Toddlers/Ones $175/Week
Older Toddlers/Twos $165/Week
Three-Year-Old Program $165/Week
Younger Preschool $155/Week
Older Preschool (Year before Kindergarten) $155/Week
Part Day Preschool (Three-Five Year Olds) $275/ Monthly or $2,400/ Annually
Before and After $95/Weekly
Winter and Spring Break $115/Weekly
Summer Camp $115/Weekly or $355/Monthly
Drop in when available $55/Daily

Sibling – Teacher- Military- Medical Discount $10.00 off total bill

A $25 fee will be charged for NSF check or credit card payment.

Upon enrollment a $100 non-refundable deposit will be placed, also a $125 activity fee will be charged yearly. Each week’s tuition is due on the Friday before that week.  A $25 late charge will be applied if your weekly bill is not paid by Monday at closing.

** These fees are subject to change**

Hours of Operation are 6:30am - 6pm

Due to extensive cleaning of infants and toddler rooms we ask they are picked up at 5:30pm.

At this time Purchase of Care is not available, however Self Arranged Purchase of Care can be an option by calling 739-4437 Carroll’s’ Plaza Suite 102 or the Williams Building